The best way to improve your team’s look

I’ve been going on (and on) for the past few weeks about the enormous impact that sublimated uniforms can have in terms of aesthetic appeal.  They look great. This simply can not be denied.  In fact, one could argue that sublimated uniforms are on the verge of revolutionizing the team uniform business.

But what if you just plain can’t afford to make the initial outlay?  Sublimated uniforms do, no question, cost more.  (At least in the short term.) In a nutshell, what if you just plain don’t have the budget for sublimated uniforms?

What’s the solution to the “schlubby chic” look? 

Simple:  Just add a 2nd color.  (See the difference for yourself:  Gravitator 2 Team Pack)

Yep, it’s just that easy.  Add a 2nd color.  It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

And it doesn’t even have to be in multiple locations (i.e., player numbers, etc.)  Nope, even if you only add a 2nd color in one location –team name—the perceived value add will be significant.  And, in this regard, like many things, it’s perception that matters.  What they look like –your unis—make the one and only statement.  Perception is reality.

So…more color is better?

Granted, if you can do a 2nd color for the player numbers, it’s even greater value, but it adds to the cost.  And we’re looking for lowering the cost to you.  You can quickly get into a situation where the cost/benefit trade-off  gets out of kilter.

Truth be told, this renewed sense of the power of a 2nd color came to me last week when I saw a set of purple basketball uniforms that were being decorated with teal on white team name AND player numbers.  They looked awesome.

So, yeah, more color is definitely better, just not necessary.  And they do add to the cost.

Just a 2-Color Team Name works

Yep.  Again, sublimated uniforms will –one day- possibly be the same or even less the cost of a 2nd color.  But that ain’t now.  And 2-color player numbers add a lot of value too.  But they add to your cost.

Whereas, on the other hand, by far, the biggest bang for your precious buck is to get a 2-color team name.  You can really make that work for you, your budget…and your team.