Lower Dauphin Baseball


Good Morning Terri,😊

I just wanted to let you know i received the jerseys last night at 630.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out.  I am super stoked!!! I also wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for all the help that you have been.  You have made my customer experience amazing and will be pushing hard to our board to change where our organization gets its jerseys.  7 teams, Home and Away.  I have also attached a pic of how they turned out, and can send you a team picture next week if you would like. If you have a boss or someone you report you, can I please have their email to give them the praise you deserve!

Thank you so much,

Scott Ream – Dauphin Baseball


Thank you for the jerseys. They are amazing and the kids feel better playing in them. This program has been operating for 3 years and they have never won a single game. When I came on this year as head coach, I knew a lot of it had to did with the jerseys. If the kids feel good playing and are not embarrassed wearing their team uniforms, they will play better. Well, I’m proud to say that we won our first game on Jan 7th and have been on a winning streak since. We didn’t just win, we blew the first place team out by 35. We knocked out both the 1st and 2nd place team by 30+. Like the saying goes, “Its gotta be the shoes” Well in our case, “its gotta be the jerseys.” We appreciate everything you guys have done us. We get complimented by other schools on our jerseys. I hope that this will translate into future sales and new customers for your company. If you can send me a flyer or something I can give to the coaches that ask me about the jerseys, this will he great for future business. All the best. Take care.

Abdallah Elsayed – Windsor Islamic School

Great experience purchasing softball team uniforms at Team Sports Planet


Team sports was super amazing and helpful! I’ve never ordered suits for a team before so I was skeptical about how this was gonna go, but you made it super easy especially when u could put it all together on options of how the colors could go and send pics of that! I had a great experience and will definitely be using you guys in the future and referring others to you as well! Our next game will be Tuesday evening and I will get pics then! Btw ALL the parents and girls love the suits! Thank you again!

Jenn Alexander, Team Mom – Heavener Pride

Forever Grateful After the Flood

Down and literally out, when Leslie Yellott, softball coach at Denham Springs High School, reached out to us for help, we stepped up to the plate to work miracles.  Although a modest good deed in our eyes; it gave them a doubtless feeling of appreciation and a huge bit of tenderness in their hearts. And seeing how genuinely honored they have been for this, has made us forever grateful to be a small part of. This group is a unique one and has truly inspired us to say the least. Their dedication and commitment to not only softball—and their team—but to school and home life should be an example to all in ways that are indescribable from someone who hasn’t ran the bases in their cleats. To read more about the devastation the team has experienced during the historic flooding event of August 2016, and the rebuilding they still face today.

“I hope you love these videos as much as I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of my kids!!  We are forever grateful and appreciative of the kindness and generosity you have shown to us in our time of need.  God always finds a way to work miracles in the darkest of times.”

“Just makes me SO happy to see pure joy in their faces!!!   From the bottom of all of our hearts…THANK YOU.  Please make sure and share the videos with everyone in your company that helped make this day possible for our girls. The support y’all have given us is truly overwhelming.”

“We are so thankful you guys could help us out! The jerseys look amazing! Y’all did amazing and the girls are so impressed with y’all…we couldn’t be more happy.”

“Thank you guys so very much again.  You’ll never know how much we appreciate it.”

Jackets Are Committed to Knowledge, Excellence, Teamwork and Success.

Leslie & Robert Yellot, Coaches

One Family and Strength in Softball’s Normalcy
Denham Springs Softball Team's New Camo Jerseys

Very pleased with our Experience

The Mooresville Pioneers designed their very own Throwback baseball jerseys but were more than impressed with not just our custom sublimated Astros-esque design alone.

Timely & Helpful

“We were very pleased with our experience with Terri Broyles at Team Sports Planet. She was very timely and helpful.”

Throwback Baseball Jerseys Look & Feel Great

“Our uniforms came out looking great and we received them sooner than expected. We were on a very tight schedule and Terri made it happen for us.”

“Thank you to Terri Broyles and the entire team at Team Sports Planet. Our boys look and feel great. We received our items sooner then we initially thought and everyone is very happy.”

 Deena Knight, Team Mom


“More than impressed!!! I can’t thank Natalie DeVicaris and Team Sports Planet enough!!! We had a tight deadline and no clue about what kind of jersey and hat we wanted nor the design.”

The Pine Hill Tavern 2016 Men's softball team wearing an Old School jersey designed by Team Sports Planet.

The Pine Hill Tavern, 2016 Men’s Softball Squad.


“Natalie took control and basically walked me through the entire process and answered every question I had. Our design on the hat and jersey is purely their work and it’s incredible!!

Impressed with a closeup of Pine Hill Tavern's customized Old School Jerseys made by Team Sports Planet.


Fully customized jerseys and hats!!!  Thank you Team Sports Planet!

“I was told I would have our jerseys and hats on a specified date and they came in even earlier! Natalie and the crew at Team Sports Planet made everything extremely easy and I can’t thank you all enough!!!

Pine Hill Tavern Pub was impressed with our tavern player numbers dyed directly into their softball jerseys.

When a pub sponsors your team, you have to get tavern player numbers on the back.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND and will definitely be a repeat customer!”

Matthew Woeller, Pitcher

Terrific Team Gear

“Team Sports Planet has done a terrific job in helping us with our team gear packages and have been nothing short of incredible.”

Outstanding Service

“The service is beyond outstanding and they continue to do a remarkable job.

  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Meeting Deadlines

This is very important to our program as we order twice yearly 70+ uniforms.”

Tru Basketbal Uniforms

At Tru Basketball, everything is centered around the players. Here are the Tru 13U hoopers. After going 2-1, these guys took a 2nd place win!

Longstanding Relationship

“Team Sports Planet has yet to miss a beat! We look forward to a longstanding business relationship for the duration of our program! Keep up the great work!!!”

 Bob Henneccke, TRU Basketball Executive

Great Uniform Supplier & Partner

“On behalf of 84th St Sliders baseball…thank you Team Sports Planet for being a great uniform supplier and partner. We teamed up for the first time with our “Fallen Soldier”

84th St. Pub & Grille's 3rd custom Camo Rilla baseball jersey designed by a great uniform supplier.

jerseys and you hit it out of the park. The jerseys and hats were sensational. I’d highly encourage other travel teams to partner up with you guys for a variety of reasons:


Quality products with sublimated team name, numbers and player/soldier names dyed directly into the fabric-our team moms raved about how much easier they were to wash and dry-they haven’t faded, peeled or cracked either.


Easy to add on single units (order another jersey) for additional players after the fact.


TSP was enthused as to what we were trying to accomplish with our soldier tribute program so they listened, came up with ideas and executed a great final product. 84th St Sliders will partner with you again for the 2016 season.

84th St. Pub & Grille's 2nd custom Camo Rilla baseball jersey designed by a great uniform supplier.

“We went back to them for another new jersey with a new color combination. Again, they listened closely, gave great feedback, made adjustments and delivered exactly what the boys were hoping for.”

Thanks for being a important part of Sliders baseball.

84th St. Pub & Grille's 3rd custom Camo Rilla baseball jersey designed by a great uniform supplier.

“Another new jersey from Team Sports Planet and the boys loved these ones too. We broke them in with two wins on Saturday then went to the charcoal and blue ones to secure another championship. Thanks again for all you do at TSP and for making us look good.”



Got Your Six on the Elite Camo Rilla baseball jersey designed by great uniform supplier.

Each player pays a special tribute to a hero by donning the last name of a fallen solider on the back of their jersey.

Custom American Flag fill numbers designed by great uniform supplier

In the military, “got your six” means “I’ve got your back.” The saying originated when WWI fighter pilots referenced the rear of a plane as the 6 o’clock position.

To learn more about the 84th St. Pub & Grille Baseball Organization, check them out on Facebook and give them a well deserved like.  There you’ll be kept up to date on their many accomplishments all while honoring our fallen soldiers.

 Mike Schuelke, Team Manager

Great Experience – In Stock Uniforms

“You made it super easy especially when u could put it all together on options of how the colors could go and send pics of that!”

—Jenn Alexander, Heavener Pride, Heavener, OK

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Let us help your team look outstanding in an in-stock softball uniform that’s ready to wear, allowing your team to gear up fast. We’ll help you coordinate and stay on budget.

Super Sharp – DIY Uniforms

“Our girls were so excited to get to wear their new uniforms!! We really appreciate your business!”

—Penny Zimmerman, Indiana County Explosion, Indiana, PA

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Put your girls in a one-of-a-kind softball uniform with help from TSP or DIY. With our unique collection of custom sublimated options, the sky is the limit when it comes to colors, designs, patterns, fonts & more.

Looking Great – Standout Uniforms

“You can definitely buy local but you won’t find uniforms that look like these. I manage the team and I’m all about looking great, feeling great and having a lot of fun.”

—Kelly Moore, Kingston Kobras, Ontario, Canada

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We know the latest in softball uniform fashion—like what’s trending in the NCAA or which throwback styles are making a comeback. We also offer unique fastpitch softball uniforms & designs you won’t find anywhere else!