Forever Grateful After the Flood

Denham Springs High School, 2016-2017 Softball Team

Kelly N. Jones, Principal, Knee Deep in Flood Waters Outside of DSHS

Down and literally out, when Leslie Yellott, softball coach at Denham Springs High School, reached out to us for help, we stepped up to the plate to work miracles.  Although a modest good deed in our eyes; it gave them a doubtless feeling of appreciation and a huge bit of tenderness in their hearts. And seeing how genuinely honored they have been for this, has made us forever grateful to be a small part of.


One Family and Strength in Softball’s Normalcy

DSHS Lady Jacket Softball

This group is a unique one and has truly inspired us to say the least. Their dedication and commitment to not only softball—and their team—but to school and home life should be an example to all in ways that are indescribable from someone who hasn’t ran the bases in their cleats.


To read more about the devastation the team has experienced during the historic flooding event of August 2016, and the rebuilding they still face today, click here.

Work Miracles

"I hope you love these videos as much as I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of my kids!!  We are forever grateful and appreciative of the kindness and generosity you have shown to us in our time of need.  God always finds a way to work miracles in the darkest of times."



Truly Overwhelming

"Just makes me SO happy to see pure joy in their faces!!!   From the bottom of all of our hearts...THANK YOU.  Please make sure and share the videos with everyone in your company that helped make this day possible for our girls. The support y'all have given us is truly overwhelming."

Amazing Jerseys

"We are so thankful you guys could help us out! The jerseys look amazing! Y'all did amazing and the girls are so impressed with y'all...we couldn't be more happy.


"Thank you guys so very much again.  You'll never know how much we appreciate it."


Jackets Are Committed to Knowledge, Excellence, Teamwork and Success.

Leslie & Robert Yellott, Coaches