Buy North American

Buy North American

Many of us don’t give much thought to where the things we buy are made. As long as the price is right, the quality is decent, and we can get the things we buy in a reasonable time frame, that is all we really care about. 

However, many of the lowest priced products that we buy come from other countries, and in most cases, from another continent. Before you make your final decision about buying from another country, you should think about whether you will be buying the same quality product for that lower price.  

Buying North American made products helps support the national economy and creates jobs. But those aren’t the only reasons to think twice before you spend your hard-earned dollars to purchase products that are manufactured by overseas companies. As consumers, you really do have a choice between sending your business to another continent or supporting North American companies. 

Consider the following when deciding where to buy: 


When you buy from a North American business, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the product you buy will feature superior quality and outstanding workmanship. North American manufacturing companies have some of the best-trained and most qualified workers in the world. North American countries also follow strict labor, health, and safety regulations, and they don’t exploit their workers. North American workers make a fair wage and enjoy benefits that are typically absent from overseas manufacturers. Happy and satisfied workers make better products. Furthermore, North American manufacturers tend to use high-quality components and materials that come from other North American suppliers. As a consumer, you deserve the best products available, and North American companies deliver world-class quality. 


Buying from a North American company also helps to save the environment. Aside from the fact that North American companies must abide by strict environmental laws and regulations, environmental responsibility is a core value of many North American manufacturers. Products that are made in North America and are then purchased by North American consumers don’t have to travel over the ocean and become a source of dangerous emissions. Oceangoing container ships emit over 1 billion metric tons of CO2 every year, which accounts for over 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Domestic products take a much shorter path from the factory to your doorstep. Buying and shipping domestically decreases your carbon footprint. 


When you buy from North American manufacturers, you are supporting a company that provides jobs to North American workers. More jobs mean more dollars pumped into the economy. More dollars in the local economy leads to more business investment, higher tax revenues, and even more jobs as the overall economy expands. Purchasing North American products has a “snowball” effect on a growing economy, and every contribution to North American businesses in the form of purchased products helps put more dollars into more pockets in your community. 


North American companies tend to import more products than they export. This creates unsustainable levels of borrowing and leads to budget and trade deficits with other nations. These deficits create a burden on the economy, and contribute to slower economic growth. Purchasing from North American companies reduces both trade and budget deficits. As demand grows for more North American products, trade balances begin to normalize, and demand for North American products overseas continues to increase even more. Greater demand for North American products means more jobs for North American workers who in turn spend their money in the local economy and create more tax revenues for local governments. It’s a win-win proposition when you buy North American made products. 


For the past few decades, the number of manufacturing jobs has declined in North America. When you decide to buy North American products, you are pumping more capital into the North American manufacturing sector, which creates good jobs which helps boost the economy. When there is more capital available, companies and individuals will invest that capital in new businesses that will in turn create even more new jobs and even more investible capital into the North American economy. Supporting the North American economy will have long-term benefits that will allow future generations to enjoy a higher standard of living that will help everyone. 

So when you are deciding which products to buy, think about buying products that are manufactured by North American companies. There are a lot of good things that happen when you buy from North American manufacturers. Please click here to chat with one of our North American-based team uniform experts.