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For many years, team sports uniforms were primarily put together with screen printing and heat transfer options. A basic team sports uniform could be customized with emblems, player numbers, and names with one of these two methods.  These methods outfitted many fine athletes for years. Sublimation, Transfer, Screenprint, Decorating Team Uniforms(Though some less than careful laundering techniques led to fading emblems and cracked numbers from time to time.) In recent years, however, sublimation has taken over the newer generation allowing sublimated uniforms to become the state of the art in athletics.


Sublimation, also known as full dye printing.

It’s the process of dying the entire design directly onto the fabric. It has opened up a whole new world of customizable options for teams, players, and coaches. These days, many of our customers have at least heard of the sublimation process and understand some of the benefits, but there’s still a lot of mystery out there. Here are four things you might not know about the sublimation dying process.

  • 1) They never go out of style. Because sublimated jerseys are custom made, there is no need to worry about your uniform being discontinued next season. If you opt for a sublimated design for you team, the manufacturer holds onto that design just for you in case you ever need a replacement or reorder
  • 2) Sublimated jerseys don’t Sublimation
  • peel, crack, or fade. Since the sublimation process dyes the ink directly into material, it’s much more resistant to damage over time. They can survive the ravages that banging in the post, sliding into home, and angry washing machines wreak on uniforms over time.
  • 3) Colors really pop. Traditional uniforms are already dyed a certain color before designs are added. With sublimation, the designs are the first thing dyed into the fabric, allowing for more vibrant and detailed designs and images. As you can see in the image of the Lakers logo above, the sublimated on the left pops more than the screenprint on the right.
  • 4) The name sublimation – it’s not actually 100% accurate. The name refers to the chemical process whereby a solid becomes a gas without passing through the liquid phase. An even more accurate name would be dye-diffusion, but the name sublimation has stuck around in industry circles because it’s what everyone knows now.

As you can see from these images, screen printed and heat transferred emblems can have a tendency to peel off in some circumstances.

Sublimation, Transfer, Screenprint, Decorating Team Uniforms

We hope this helps you get a better understanding of what we’re talking about when we geek out about sublimation here at TSP. Sublimated designs are available for whatever sport you play!  Check them out below and ask a representative for help designing today.