Tradition Addition

It almost goes without saying that baseball is the most tradition steeped of all team sports.  Yes, I know that lacrosse predates baseball (and is growing by leaps and bounds); but come on, let’s be real. While the sport embraces change in some ways, in other ways it holds steadily to the past. The 24 hour news cycle, celebrity endorsements, and flashy performance fabric uniforms that characterize modern day professional sports owe a debt to the early days of the game.

Recreational athletic pursuits have probably been around about as long as civilization, in one form or another. The professional sports we know and love today all trace their lineage through the early days of organized baseball. Just like European history and American history are fundamentally measured on different scales, so is baseball’s history measured differently from any other professional sport.

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Stiff and abrasive is how I remember a good old baseball uni.
Yes, there was a time when performance fabrics were not yet imagined.

Baseball is the wise old sage of the sporting world. It’s been around the block. It knows a thing or two. It has some of the greatest stories to tell. Basically, baseball is “the bomb” of historical reverence in sports. But can this old dog learn some new tricks?

This affinity for all things past extends to the sport and its players’ uniform preferences.  While some traditions, from the seventh inning stretch to the president throwing the first pitch of the season, help make the sport great, others, less so. From fabric selections on through to and including decoration, tackle twill, embroidery, and patches, the game has changed.

Improving Performance Fabric

sheep, bah bah bah, wool, performance fabric, baseball uniforms

Wearing wool was a bahhhd idea.

Until very recently, baseball’s preferred uniform fabric was wool.  (Yes, wool, as in sheep generated, cool breeze resistant wool.)   Which, for a sport played predominantly in the spring and summer months, is just ridiculous. It’s sweatier than it needs to be. It’s itchier than it needs to be. It’s just wool-ier than it needs to be.

Tradition was the culprit.  But that’s changing. And it is definitely for the better.

Performance is the New Cool

Baseball has, albeit slowly, started to embrace the many benefits of performance fabrics in their uniforms’ construction.

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