Test Your Knowledge: Team Names That Don’t End in ‘S’

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Team names that don’t end in ‘S’ are few and far between when it comes to professional and high school sports if you’re considering mascots. Think about it! Name the teams you love and the ones your kids play on. They do exist once you start to put some real thought into it.

There are only 9 team names in the 4 major North American sports leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB) that do not end with the letter ‘S’. We’ll give you a couple hints before you go ahead and test your trivial sports knowledge.

Helpful Hints:

1. The keyword is end.
2. Maybe don’t think about the NFL.
3. The location of the team does not matter.

Can you name them all? CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUIZ

Once you click “PLAY QUIZ” in the link above, you will have only 4 minutes to power through and beat the clock to victory lane. Good luck from TSP!

If you’re not quite in the mood to play or too impatient to find out the answers, you can just click the link below.

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Team names that don't end in 'S'