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Our standard shipping methods are UPS Ground or USPS Priority. Shipping charges for UPS Ground and expedited shipping are below. Larger Orders, multiple box orders, AND orders shipped outside the contiguous U.S will be priced individually.


UPS Ground
3-DaySelect UPS
2nd-Day Air UPS
Next Day Air *
Orders from $0-$44 $14.00 $36.00 $54.50 $69.00
Orders from $45-$249 $18.50 $58.00 $67.50 $87.50
Orders from $250-$499 $26.50 $66.00 $78.50 $149.00
Orders from $500-$749 $33.00 $79.50 $101.50 $162.50
Orders from $750-$999 $42.00 $103.00 $152.50 $213.00
Orders from $1000-$1999 $55.00 $137.00 $203.50 $283.50
Orders from $2000-$2999 $110.00 $273.00 $405.50 $567.00
Orders from $3000-$3999 $165.50 $410.50 $607.50 $850.50
Orders from $4000-$4999 $220.50 $546.00 $809.00 $1134.00


  • Shipping Cost will vary for bulkier orders, orders that contain bags & warm ups and/or orders that ship in multiple boxes. This chart DOES NOT APPLY to equipment orders.
  • Shipping rates for Equipment orders are 13.5% of your order total (+$12 for orders less than $150).
  • Early AM and Saturday Deliveries may be available and are subject to a surcharge. Please ask your representative for details.


Team Sports Planet is pleased and proud to ship the world over; including but not limited to, APOs & FPOs. Naturally, your next question is “how much?”

The cost to ship an international order is based on the size & weight of the package, the speed at which you’d like to have it delivered as well as its insured value. If you would like to receive an quote we will need to know specifically what you’d like to order as well as the quantities and physical shipping address for delivery. Feel free to email us this information as well as any other questions you may have.

Please email us at info@teamsportsplanet.com and we’ll respond within 24 business hours if we have additional questions. Please note international shipping quotes can take 1-2 business days to be generated.

What remains constant is the irrefutable fact that, Team Sports Planet can not, is not, nor should be in any way responsible for any tariffs, import fees, local charges or costs associated with any international delivery. In short, our international customers bear full responsibility for any and all such costs, including but not limited to: Tariffs, import taxes, transportation fees, international or country specific charges, however defined.