We do send out uniform samples. We understand that sometimes you want to take a look at the uniforms and feel the fabric, as well as make sure that sizing is accurate. We send samples free of charge.

Here is our policy:

  • If you plan to place a team order we will send out samples of up to 3 uniforms.  
  • The timeframe for return of the samples is 10 calendar days from the day they ship to you. The samples must be placed in the mail to return to Team Sports Planet on the 10th day. The return date will be specified so that you know exactly when they need to be returned.
  • We require your credit card information prior to sending samples, which we do not charge as long as the samples are mailed back to us within 1 week.
  • We pay for USPS Priority shipping to you and include a prepaid USPS return label for their return. If the return label is lost or the time expired you will be responsible for paying for the samples’ return.
  • You may choose to expedite the shipping of the samples but you’ll be responsible for the entire shipping cost (we will include a pre-paid return label).
  • If you do not return or choose to keep the samples, you will be billed for them at the resale price, after the return date. Refunds will not be processed once a charge has been made.
  • We aren’t able to guarantee that particular styles, colors or sizes will be available for shipping at the time of your request. If this is the case, we will find the closest substitute available based upon your needs for the samples—i.e., sizing, material, quality, color, etc.
  • If you require a size run, a specific size, particular color, or a product not shown on our website, then they will need to be purchased. The samples can then be put towards your order. If an order is not placed with us, you will be credited back for the samples, less a 25% restocking fee and shipping costs.
  • We understand that in some cases, you may want to see a second set of samples. We will send out a 2nd set free of charge provided the initial set of samples has been returned. If you want to see a 3rd set then you will be responsible to pay the shipping charges of $16 round trip. You will be billed prior to the samples shipping out. The 2nd set of samples would need to be returned prior to sending out another set of samples.
  • Any sample requests from outside the contiguous United States will have to be purchased.
  • We do not offer samples of coach’s shirts, accessories, performance-wear or equipment.
  • Sample requests are intended to facilitate a team’s initial order. To determine sizing for reorders, please have returning players bring their jerseys to practice for new players to try on. We generally do not send out sizing samples for reorders.

From the moment you 1st contact us, by email or phone, we strive to please you with fantastic customer service. That is our goal as a company. It is our purpose in business. We take it very seriously.

You can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email at: [email protected]. You can reach us by phone, Monday thru Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM EST. TOLL FREE @ 877.703.2070 or 215-218-2070 (You can always leave a voice mail message, too).

We reply to ALL email inquiries and return every voice mail message, the next business day. No exceptions.


To ensure we provide the best samples for your organization’s needs, please fill out the form completely and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 business hours.