What Do You Wear to Play Pickleball?

During the early years of pickleball no one cared about what they wore. A ratty old t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts was the most common pickleball uniform.

Nowadays, pickleball has become a much more upscale sport, and it’s catching up to tennis with the country club crowd. Pickleball is still a much more casual sport than tennis, but pickleball jerseys have become more stylish.

When you search online for pickleball apparel, you’ll still find a mix of cute pickleball-themed t-shirts, but today you will also see a lot more stylish, imaginative, and creative professional-level pickleball uniforms. Besides, who wants to wear a droopy, soggy cotton t-shirt when it is hot and you have worked up a serious sweat?

Because pickleball is now the fastest growing sport in the US, more and more serious players prefer a professional-looking uniform even if the designs are a bit more daring that you would find on a tennis court. Serious pickleballers would rather wear something that makes a statement but has the comfort and performance of a serious athletic uniform.

Still, no one company has dominated the pickleball apparel market. Some players still wear stodgy tennis wear made by Nike, Fila, Head, or other old tennis wear brands. But there are more and more quality choices for pickleball wear that make their own bold fashion and personal statements.

Demographics have historically driven pickleball fashion. For decades the typical pickleball player was over 60 years old, and was playing pickleball because they had gotten too old to play competitive tennis or other fast-paced racquet sports like racquetball.  Not exactly the target market for traditional sportswear companies. The market for pickleball is getting younger, more athletic, and more affluent.

Who Determines the Dress Code for Pickleball?

No one does. Pickleball is all about being yourself and showcasing your own personal brand or fashion sense. It’s one of the big reasons for the explosive growth of pickleball. There tend to be a lot of bright colors on the pickleball court which is an even bigger reason to avoid the dull conservative look that many tennis players have adopted.

What is all this Talk About Skorts?

Skorts are skirts with built-in shorts, often compression shorts. Female pickleballers who choose a stylish skort actually get to enjoy the style and color of a cool skirt with the comfort, support, and performance of compression shorts. Add the advantage of performance fabrics, and you have a winning combination for the serious pickleball athlete.

How About Leggings?

The skyrocketing popularity of yoga pants and the growth of athleisure wear have had an impact on other sports, and pickleball is no exception. A smart and colorful pair of leggings are the perfect bottoms for outdoor pickleball on a chilly fall morning. Some leggings come with control panels to provide support and a slimming profile to maximize your comfort and confidence on the pickleball court. A moisture managing polyester fabric will keep you warm and dry as you play and sweat.

Make your own personal fashion statement on the pickleball court!

Create Your Own Unique Pickleball Style!

If you’re still having doubts about what to wear to play pickleball remember that nowadays pickleball is a great sport for every age and athletic ability. If you are new to the game don’t let its popularity intimidate you. You won’t feel the snobbiness that you sometimes feel with other traditional racquet sports. Team Sports Planet has a variety of pickleball-specific apparel and uniforms to chose from, click here to get a closer look.

If you are still feeling unsure, we encourage you to go spend time at your nearest pickleball court. You’ll find interesting people of all ages and sports backgrounds who can share their experiences and opinions with you. We also have a short blog post you can read that introduces the basic rules and concepts of pickleball.

Pickleball is a great way to burn a few calories, work up a sweat, have some fun, and meet some fascinating people along the way. It’s also a great sport for expressing yourself through your creative choice of pickleball uniforms and accessories.