My 1st experience in youth sports was CYO basketball in 4th grade. It was also my 1st brush with reversible basketball jerseys.  I guess I was 9 years old. I thought they were the coolest thing on the planet.

What genius thought of putting 2 shirts in one? I thought, “Why can’t all my clothes be reversible?”

Falling in Love with Reversible Basketball Uniforms

reversible clothingI grew to love reversible basketball jerseys.

Then, my teen years rolled around. My basketball career ended. My interest wandered. And my love affair with reversibles went away. I thought forever.

Then, decades later, I started a youth sports company. And reversible basketball jerseys were back in my life. In a big way.

I thought, ”Great”!  Then I realized what a royal pain in the butt they were to decorate. Turning them inside out. Flash screen-printing front and then back. Numbering both front and back sides, being careful to slide them over and under the heat press. Ugh!

Fallin’ outta Love with ‘Em

I grew to hate reversible basketball jerseys.

Sure, I know they are a very practical solution for cash-strapped schools and teams. And even when used as practice jerseys for well-funded teams, reversible basketball uniforms make a ton of sense. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Then along came sublimated, reversible basketball jerseys…and even with lightweight reversible shorts to go with them! Check out the latest and greatest reversible basketball uniforms by clicking right here.

custom sublimated reversible basketball uniforms

And now I’m back to being in love with reversibles.

Coach Rhodes of Eel River Community School in Fortuna, CA says “Reversible uniforms have been outstanding for us and easy maintenance. Wash in cold water and let hang-dry, using plastic hangers.”

How do you and your team feel and/or deal with reversibles? We want to know. You can leave your thoughts in the comment section below. As you may already know, opinions matter so much to us here at Team Sports Planet.