Back in 2001, we were the 1st pure Internet team dealer. Even then, we had a custom uniform builder when our site first launched. It wasn’t state of the art.

And it confused the heck out of people.

They’d never experienced anything like it. They tried it. Well some people did. (i.e., not most) But those that did, mostly, opted out, abandoning their custom uniforms, midway through the process.

The team sports uniform industry just was not ready for custom uniform builders. That’s a fact we figured out fast. So we ditched it.

Maybe it was the design or interface or related factors like –at that time—much, much slower Internet connections. All probably played a part. But 2001 was not the time for a custom uniform builder. I say this from personal & professional experience.

My, oh my, how times have changed!

Our Custom Uniform Builder is Back

Team Sports Planet has a great custom uniform builder. For multiple sports. And has for the last couple of years. But we ain’t unique or cutting edge any more. Almost everybody in the biz has got one.

Click here to check out ours!

Team Sports Planet Custom Uniform Builder Online

Let us know what you like. (We’re always looking for compliments.) What makes sense? Is it cool? How would YOU improve it?

Let us know what you do NOT like, too. (We are constantly tweaking it.)

Let us know what you like about OTHER companies custom uniform builders, too. (I could go on for hours/pages about what I think is good, okay or really sucks about other companies uniform builders.)