What makes your team stand out from the rest?
An EXCELLENT team logo!

There are many factors in creating an eye-catching and memorable logo, but what really matters the most? Here are a few tips to make sure yours is iconic and memorable.


You should be able to read the team name fairly clearly out on the court or field. You want to make an impact – not force your fans to try and decipher what your jersey says. Save the weird fonts and small lettering for spirit wear and stay bold during game play!

team logo


Just having bold and in-your-face text isn’t always enough. If you plan to include a mascot or other design element, it should be as clear and visible as the text. Can you tell that your tiger is actually a tiger, when seeing it from across the room? Also, if there is too much fine detail in a piece of artwork it may lose quality during a screen printing process. It’s always better to keep things simple and clear. Use the classic “KISS” design principle when thinking about your artwork – “keep it simple, stupid!” 🙂

team logo


What’s the point of having a great logo if it disappears on the jersey? Don’t be afraid to use bright and contrasting colors to showcase your artwork. Try to pick contrasting or complimentary colors – any combo that stands out from the jersey color is usually a safe bet. Using smart color combinations can help your fans (and opponents) see your artwork, loud and clear.

team logo


Colors are a key factor in making sure your art is seen, but incorporating good contrast is just as important. Do your colors contrast with the jersey but not each other? Do the colors seem to blend into one another, making it hard to read? This is where contrast comes in to play. Check out the image below and how a simple edit to the artwork can make a world of difference!

team logo

After incorporating some of the garment color to show through,
the artwork is much more clear and readable. And still 2 colors!


Having a great logo with readable text, bold mascot and good contrast STILL isn’t enough in some cases. How your emblem literally “stacks up” ins important, too. What good is a logo if certain elements are too small or too large? This could result in difficulty reading or seeing a particular piece of your design. Having a good overall balance of text and design is crucial to ensuring you have the BEST team logo ever!

team logo