Spirit Wear Packs a Punch…So Get With It

Spirit & How You Wear It Like a lot of folks, I recently watched the Penn State University football team defeat Michigan on a Saturday night. It was a blowout. But that wasn’t the most striking thing. It was the spirit wear. The 110,000+ fans – a record—packed into the stadium cheering them on was…
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Test Your Knowledge: Team Names That Don’t End in ‘S’

Team names that don't end in 'S' are few and far between when it comes to professional and high school sports if you're considering mascots. Think about it! Name the teams you love and the ones your kids play on. They do exist once you start to put some real thought into it. There are…
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Basketball’s Player Numbers & Kobe’s Crazy Eight

I had to laugh when the LA Lakers announced that they are gonna retire not just Kobe Bryant’s player number (24), which he wore from 2007 to his retirement; BUT also his other player number (8), that he wore circa 1996-2006. That's TWO player numbers! He’ll be the 1st NBA player to be so honored…
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